First server build (excitement keeps increasing!)

Hello all!

Sorry for the basics here but I have only built gaming/home pc’s and just need reassurance sometimes.

I am looking to start my own hone server primarily for NAS/Backup and Media for now. Looking through the other builds I decided to open up my own thread to gather my thoughts and others help

Reading through some of the topics here and other places I think I am going to start with an i3-9100 as CPU (I can still be swayed from this tbh as I was trying to decide between Xeon and i3 as I’m writing this…)

I like the Cooler Master N400 case definitely

I guess my biggest thing first off is complete hands down on the CPU and then Mobo

(I have a budget of 500 for this)

Any suggestions help and love to talk about it!

Where are you located?

Hey! Sorry I should have put that in there. I live in PA in the US

If you like the Cooler Master N400, definitely take a look at the NAS Killer 4.1.
It’ll be perfect for your purposes.

I definitely looked into it and was about to go that route; however, I was able to get an i3-10100 from a friend that is changing to an i7. Got the i3 for $50 and will have it this weekend. I went with an Asrock B560M pro4 as it was the best one I could find that wasn’t over $200.

I did happen to find my hp s5-1020 slimline from a couple years ago that I took apart (honestly was going to make the s5-1020 prebuilt the server as it had a dual core pentium E6800 3.3ghz already on it)

I couldn’t resist the i3 just because I know my friend took care of it and nice addition to the collection.

So I will update as I throw this together and see how it goes. I think I will only need to find some hard drives next (I have a couple 250 Gb ssds and will use that) and RAM

Thank you for your thoughts!