First NK 4.1 Build Completed

Earlier this year I decided to replace my old media server setup with something a bit more robust, so I started planning and purchasing for a NAS Killer and finally got it finished.

Previous Setup:

  • Mac Mini (Late 2014): 2.6GHz Core i5, 8GB of Ram, 1TB HDD
  • 14TB WD EasyStore
  • 10TB WD EasyStore

I was running the *arrs, Plex, SabNZBD, and Transmission. Data was unpacked on the internal 1TB and stored on the external drives. It worked great for the 5 years I had the setup until recently; I originally had a 5TB and 10TB external but right before Thanksgiving the 5TB died so I had to rebuild onto a new 14TB after that I started getting issues with Sonarr not picking up files and the internal drive just wasn’t enough space to rebuild with quickly.

I had actually decided to replace it back in May and bought my Chenbro Combo then but money was a bit tight and I decided to be responsible for a bit. After getting the issues in early December I decided to just go for it and finish the build. And here we are!

Name Product Price Source
Case CoolerMaster N400 $59.99 Amazon
Combo Chenbro Combo 3 $145.00 eBay
CPU Xeon E3-1220-v1 Included eBay
Motherboard S5512WGM2NR-B-CGN Included eBay
SAS HBA LSI SAS2008 onboard Included eBay
Ram 32GB Included eBay
CPU Cooler Arctic Freezer 34 $33.99 Amazon
Power Supply CoolerMaster MasterWatt 550 $74.99 Amazon
Boot Drive Kingston Data Traveler 16GB $4.99 Amazon
Cache SSD Pioneer 512GB $49.99 Amazon
Docker appdata SSD Samsung 860 Evo 500GB $55.00 Amazon
SATA Cables 12x Relper-Linso $15.98 Amazon
SAS Cables 3x Xiwai SATA to SAS $18.00 eBay
SAS Adapter 3x CY Sata to SFF-8482 $20.64 Amazon
SATA Power Splitters 3x StarTech (3v Modded) $14.97 Amazon
SAS HBA LSI SAS2008 onboard Included eBay
Thermal Paste Arctic Silver $7.50 Amazon
UnRaid Pro $129.00 UnRaid
Total without Drives $630.04
SAS Drives 6x 6TB HUS726060AL5210 $390.00 eBay
SATA Drive WD EasyStore Shucked 10TB Already Owned Best Buy
SATA Drive WD EasyStore Shucked 14TB Already Owned Best Buy
Total with Drives $1020.04

In reality, I paid $189 for the 14TB and $199 for the 10TB, so true price is $1408.04.

I did order 6 of the SATA to SAS cables, but somehow Amazon lost 3 in transit and they were out of stock so I had to switch to the adapters and SATA cables last minute.

I have got everything up and running, TV and Movie libraries are all 100% rebuilt from their pre-HDD failure state. The SAS adapters just arrived yesterday, so I have 3 of the 6TB drives currently pre-clearing; But the final setup is 36TB in array, 14TB as parity for future proofing, 10TB as the download/unpack drive, 512GB SSD for Cache, 500GB SSD for Docker appdata. I currently have 12.5TBish used on the array.

It is living on a sweet little monoprice stand next to my TV because I live in an apartment and thats the only place it fits nicely; It also gets to sit next to my bike.

WARNING: I am not good at cable management, and frankly thats OK. It works and I can see what goes where for drive replacement.

Overall, I am super satisfied with my build and finally moving away from the Mac Mini (which is a great computer, but a bit long in the tooth for server use). I am looking into an HP290 for hardware transcoding, and will probably end up with a DAS at some point. The hope is to move into a house within the next 2 years and get a rack going.

I don’t think I am forgetting anything, as this is my first post here - please excuse any formatting errors.

And thank you for looking!