First & New Build for Plex & Backups

Hi There,

I’m planning on building a NAS server that will be dedicated to store all of my videos that I stream at home (3x 4K Tv’s) and also I give access to family and friends (from different countries) to my Plex server (up to 3 connections).
Now, I’m totally a newbie in terms of NAS, never done it before!

I’m thinking of getting:

Intel core i3 8100
Gigabyte H310M
DDR4 16GB (8GBX2) Does it matter if its ECC, U, R ?
SSD Kingston 250GB I have one not used
Seagate Barracuda 2TB I have one not used
450W Antec,Seasonic, Corsair
Cooler master Gemini 4 I have one not used
Thermaltake v21

What do you guys think ? is the CPU an overkill for me ? is 16GB necessary ?

Would love to hear any inputs you have


The CPU is fine. That motherboard won’t take ECC memory, but using regular RAM is fine. 16 GB isn’t necessary, 8 is fine.

@stuffwhy Thanks!

I’m gonna go with 4X HDD + 1 SSD and im trying to get the smallest case possible (preferably a cube shape) for my micro atx board, initially i thought about the thermaltake v21 but it will only take 3x HDD and the fractal node 804 is very big! what else would you recommend going for ?

Small case and many drives really isn’t a thing. If you really cram you can do four in a coolermaster n200 but unless you truly must go small I would just do some kind of ordinary size mid tower. It’s a lot less hassle.

I might be able to do it on Bitfenix Prodigy M, WDYT ?