First NAS / Home Theater build looking for feedbacks / advices

Hi guys !

Intro (can be skipped)

I was initally planning to buy a Synology/QNAP pre-built Plug&Play solution and I have been tempted to choose the custom build way as it is cheaper, more powerful and more evolutive/upgradable. Then I have been lurking on and for days and now it is time for me to jump into the NAS game. Before starting, I really want to thank all of you guys for your awesome work (tutorials, thoughts, discussions, …) that guided me through that hard time we all noob have choosing our hardware parts Oh, final word : I’m from Europe, that could explain why I didn’t chose US best-seller parts ! :wink:

Build’s main goals

Fonctionnal needs

The server will mainly be used for :

  • NAS basic features (backup of personal datas, multimedia storage (movies, musics))
  • Plex server (Less than 5 simultaneous users), sometimes needing transcoding.
  • Private Cloud (Nextcloud for instance, but I didin’t make a lot of research regarding the “App” side)
  • Hosting a very lightweight web-app for my personal use (Budget manager self-hosted app)
  • Running some Dockers / VM, essentially with the classical Radarr / Sonarr stuff letting you automate downloads (Same as Nextcloud, I didn’t make a lot of researchs)

Technical needs

  • It will run unRAID for sure.
  • Low power consuming : I would like it to be the less power consuming as possible, I found that reddit guy who reached to have a 7 W idle NAS, that is quite impressive. I mean, having a 100+ W idle server 24/7 will explode my bills.
  • I’ve chosen the mATX format as I want it to stay compact and quiet.

Build parts so far

As I am very new to this world, I have some remaining questions and that will explaing the missing parts of my build

Parts Name Amazon Power Cons. (W)
Case Fractal Design Node 804 90,04 € 5
MOBO Gigabyte B365M DS3H 82,99 € 50
CPU i3-8100 - 4C/4T at 3,6 GHz 122,88 € 65
CPU Cooler Artic Alpine 12 8,10 € 10
RAM Crucial CT16G4DFD8266 1x16Go (DDR4, CAS 19, 2666 MHz, PC4-21300, Dual Rank x8, DIMM, 288-Pin) 64,86 5
HDD 4 Tb HDD 30
SSD Crucial P1 500Go CT500P1SSD8 SSD 61,24 € 10
Accessories SATA Cables x10 11,00 €
Total 441,11 € 175


  • The PSU line is empty because I absolutely don’t know if i need to go for a 500 or 650W - I’ve read that a 80+Gold should be a minimum for power saving. But can you help me concerning whit this one ?
  • I’m gonna start with a 2x4TB HDD SATA with RAID. I’ve read that chosing 2 HDD from different brand is the best (avoiding a product flaw due to the serie ?) Is that a good approach ?
  • The Crucial SSD has 2Gb / 1.7 Gb Read / Write speed, is that enough or should I go for higher ?
  • Should I add a bunch of fans (example) in the case, would it be worth ?
  • Finally, If you have any thought / advice about the config (flaw in the MOBO, a better Cooler), did I miss any accessories to achieve the building (sata power cable ?), any advice about the way to manage low power consumption, …, just tell me in the more uncensorized way :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long post, hope it will be understandable !

Thank you in advance, very sincerly !

Have a nice day,


Hello @Miidnight,

Thank you for your post! I wanted to see if you ended up doing this build as I am looking to do about the same thing with my first build. Any recommendations from you on this?

Thank you!

Where does home theater come into play?