First NAS, first rackmount, NK4 Completed

Parts List
Chassis: Rosewill RSV-L4500 New 140 1 140 Link
Motherboard: X9SCL Used 30 1 30 Link
CPU: e3-1260L Used 38 1 38 Link
CPU Cooler: Thermaltake Gravity i2 New 10 1 10 Link
RAM: 4x8GB DDR3 ECC SDRAM 8GB Used 130 1 130 Link
PSU: EVGA 650 N1 New 50 1 50 Link
Flash Drive: Kingston Metal 32GB New 6 1 6 Link
Cache SSD: Sun F80 800GB RF 75 1 75 Link
SAS Controller: LSI 9201-8i Used 25 1 25 Link
SAS Breakout Cables: CableCreation New 14 2 28 Link
HDD: HGST 4TB SAS Drives Used/RF 40 8 320 Link
UPS: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD New 145 1 145 Link
Sata Power Splitter: Startech 4x New 7 2 14 Link
120mm Fans: Arctic F12 PWM New 27 1 27 Link
80mm Fans: Arctic F8 PWM New 24 1 24 Link
Total: 1062

This has been in progress about three weeks, thanks to one specific company. I received 2 L4500 in a row with only the L side HDD caddies. First seller was a pain and offered no help, but I don’t believe spoke English well. Second purchase was straight from Amazon and I called them when I got the box open and they got on the phone with Rosewill that night and had the R side rails sent out. I also received a dead RAM chip from an eBay seller that had to be sent back for a refund.

I am running a 1260L, 32GB of RAM, 8x4TB SAS drives and 1 old spinpoint F3 1TB on SATA. The F3 was used initially just to setup all of my Dockers while waiting for replacement RAM and my spinners to come in, and will probably end up pulled. Double parity so 25TB usable right now.

Future plans are to max the case out with these 4TB drives, and await another 7PESH2 style deal to panic buy and start over. Also I need to actually rack it with my 1U pfSense box, some day. Apparently I need to flip the fan wall and all of the 120mm fans. Soon™

Thanks to JDM and the team!


How’s your build treating you? Any updates?

I know you’re asking because you know I replaced it already. Maybe I’ll post an update this weekend!

How are you cooling the F80?

Currently I have no cooling on it, it’s temps are fine, but am adding two more. For the new setup I’ll be making an acrylic bracket to hold two 80mm fans pushing air down over them.