First Homeserver build with NFS Recommendation

Hey guys,

i did read the last days 24/7 about my future homeserver setup.

What i want to with it?

I want to load stuff through radarr/sonarr (usenet) and combine it with Plesk.

OS: Proxmox

Will try to run most things in docker if possible

  • Librephotos [Google Photos alternative]

  • Nextcloud or Seafile [Cloud]

  • Nginx Proxy Manager

  • Mailcow [Own Mail Server]

  • Funkwhale or Ampache [Music Streaming]

  • Bitwarden [Password Manager]

  • Plex [Media Server]

  • Radarr/Sonarr (Usenet) [Download “stuff”] or CouchPotato

  • piHole

  • Rclone with my Google Drive

  • In Future maybe OpenMediaVault combined with ZFS

  • Maybe more if you have some must have selfhosted suggestions

I have right now 2 external HDDs. 1x 5TB 2.5 inch hdd and 1x 4TB 3.5 inch hdd

I know its a bad practice but for now i will use them through USB 3.0 Ports.

If I use OpenMediaVault combined with ZFS then I will buy 4x 8TB 3.5 inch hdd drives.

My Server Build:

  • CPU: Intel i5-8400T

  • RAM: Kingston DDR4 16 GB 2933 MHz registered ECC

  • SSD: Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD (500 GB)

  • Mainboard: ASRock B365M Pro4

  • PSU: 350 Watt Corsair VS Series VS350 Non-Modular

  • Case: NODE 304 WHITE

The whole setup will cost me about 410€.

I want a low power consumption server, that is why i chose i5-8400T.

Technically i should be able to play UHD Content, even though i will play only 1080p Content.

So my goal is right now a low power consumption stable home server, which should be upgradable to a NAS Server, then I would have All-In-One Homeserver [NAS+Homeserver].

So what do you think about it?

  1. I highly recommend Unraid, it can do all of the things you want. Plus it’s easier to manage, you can add one HDD at a time with up to 2 parity drives.
  2. Do not buy an i5-8400F. Instead, buy an Intel CPU with QSV support, such as the i5-8400 or i5-8400T. Reference the OTiS guide.
    The i5-8400F is not low power, but the i5-8400T is. And it the T model has QSV.
  3. The WD Blue SSDs are bad. There are plenty of enterprise grade or at least better consumer drives that are the same price/TB.

Thanks for the reply.
My bad, it was a typo. I meant i5-8400T.

Do you have any special NVME SSD suggestion?
EDIT: The Sabrent Q is QLC, is that no worse then TLC?
Btw, can i use the same SSD as Cache Drive in Unraid, which hosts Unraid