First Build in over a Decade

The plan right now is to put together a Quicksync Box with a HP 290 with a DAS, using my old Antec Case as the DAS box. I’m currently waiting on about 9 eBay orders to arrive, in the mean time I’ve been looking into Ubuntu as this will be the first time trying it out, only ever used Windows. Should be good times.

I’ve been reading a lot and taking in what I can. At this point I’m looking for a Linux alternative to Stablebits Drive Pool. I’ve never run with redundancy and don’t much care to at this point. But I really like being able to merge multiple physical drives to 1 drive letter. Is there something that everyone uses here? Is mergerFS what I’m looking for?

Thanks for such a great site/forum!

The 290’s are starting to dry up from what I could tell the other day…hopefully they’ll come back in stock soon. I don’t think there is anything comparable in Linux to something like Drivepool or DriveBender as a application on Linux. There is but it’s well…complicated. Unless you want to dive into ZFS I would say you probably need to look hard at building a Unraid server which isn’t all that hard. It’s not totally open source but it’s also made to work pretty easy for people with basic/intermediate computer knowledge.

Greyhole may do what you want it to…but it’s outside my knowaboutering

Yeah I’m glad I picked up the 290 when I did. Still waiting on it’s arrival, I’m from Canada and getting it sent through Crossborder Pickups.

Stablebits Drivepool on windows works well because if a drive fails you only lose the data on that drive, the rest of the data would still be there. It sounds like in ZFS if a drive fails you lose the whole thing. Thats not good at all. But ZFS pools do appear simple to create, so it might be an option.

I have time to keep researching while I wait on shipping.