First Build, Am I on the Right track?

There are some misc. things that I will need like CPU coolers and things but overall this is looking to be a UNRAID server mainly for my PLEX server, a few VM’s and Data storage. For Plex, I stream direct 4K to my Home theater and then would like to be able to do a few 1080p streams if needed even if I need to transcode. Thats why I was looking at adding the GPU to help with transcoding. anything wrong with these selections so far? Anything I am overlooking?

Server Building








$142 for 64 GB

4-14 TB (Have)

1-NVIDIA Gforce GTX 1070 (Have 2 on my Gaming rig that is getting old so going to use one if there is a benefit, don’t game anymore.)

1-TB for Plex data

2-500G for Cache on UNRAID



I would look at one of our more recent builds. I know for sure that Supermicro motherboard will only fit in a couple of different cases, none of them Rosewill since it is EE-ATX.

If you want everything in one box, that’s fine. Normally an external box that runs Plex is recommended. If you are doing that many 1080p transcodes, an additional GPU may not even be needed.

what are the newer most recent builds?

a build i’ve been looking at for a jellyfin server(pretty much plex) is a supermicro x9srl motherboard, gpu for transcodes, and the same cpu you listed. it’s atx size so would fit the rosewill case just fine. has plenty of ram slots and a host of pcie slots as well. the x16 slots are full size but are electrically x8. not really an issue but something to keep in mind. there are also two x8 slots that are electrically x4. depending on what your VMs are going to do, this setup would work just fine.

if you are looking at a more recent build on this site, the nk 4.0+ would be a good start. or snafu build.