Feedback for new build

Looking to get some feedback on my future build, thanks! Any potential conflicts?

Mobo: Supermicro X9SCM-F or X10SLM±LN4F
RAM: 32 gb (4x8GB) PC3-12800E DDR3 - is this speed excessive? PC3-10600E is more expensive…
CPU: E3-1230 V2 + Arctic Freezer 12
HBA: LSI 9211-8i + 2x breakout cables
Case: Rosewill 15 bay rackmount with 3x P12 PWM (front), 3x F12 PWM (wall), 2x F8 PWM (back)
Future: Maybe 10-gbE card

Is it easy to setup link aggregation if I spend more to get the X10SLM±LN4F? Because the X9SCM-F is 50% cheaper…


Well, for the CPU you’ve picked the X10SLM is out, since that’s E3-1200 V3/V4 only.

Everything else seems fine, except I wouldn’t recommend using front fans for the Rosewill. They create extra noise and they don’t do much. Buy the fans in 5 packs.

Thanks. Looks like Amazon is out of the F12 fans…

These are the kind of Arctic fans you should be buying -

Pressure optimized over flow optimized?

Yep! They’re better overall than the older model.

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