FaultNet - An experiment in Jank

Here’s a couple of photos from the current setups I have

A mac mini I got from JDM for a casual/guest computer. Makes for a great Spotify station

89$ Celeron NUC that I use for random web dev. I also have one of these for my HTPC

Piles of crap I haven’t installed yet. Not Pictured (3x WIP NK 2.0s with 3x F40s)

VM Server (currently powered off/not in use) on the bottom. Supermicro 846TQ case on top w 20/24 bays filled.

My actual Gaming Desktop (5 years old in desperate need of a refresh except for the 1060)

Yep. That’s it. There’s a Macbook Air and Ipad floating around somewhere else. As well as a few Raspberry Pis for specific things.

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Mac Mini + Swan M10 = <3


I love the desk fan pointing right at the server intake!

Yeah. The whole setup blows… Hence jank

Mostly the fans but yeah. Does more than enough for me!

Jankstation 360