Famous Tech Deals

I thought it would be fun to track some of the most memorable deals from the discord.

Date Item Price Vendor Price/TB
4/9/24 8TB SAS HDD $38.00 rhinotechnology $4.75
4/10/24 10TB SAS HDD $56.00 rhinotechnology $5.60
3/11/24 12TB SATA HDD $72.99 Server Part Deals $6.08
2/27/24 3.2TB NVMe PCIe $130.00 $40.63
1TB M.2 nvme $24.99 ??? $24.99
Rosewill L4500 $50.00
Nexcom NDIS B533-CX $60.00 pcsforpeopleoh

Maybe just format the table in this post, instead of in the Google doc?

Good idea. How does it look now?

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Looks good.

Rosewill L4500
HP 290
Amazon 10 TB price error (I posted a “lime for scale” picture).

Surely there are more.

I’ve updated the Rosewill deal, and I’d be happy to add the HP290 deal and 10TB price error. Can you provide prices for them?