Enthoo 79 case and GA-7PESH2 MB

Hi. I am working on putting my GA-7PESH2 in a Enthoo 79 case and had to move a few of the motherboard pegs around to fit it. I still think there is one in the middle that does not line up. Does anyone have experience with this case? Or did the original Enthoo Pro case need drilling in the case to fit the GA-7PESH2?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If it’s just the one in the middle giving you trouble…Just take the peg out and maybe prop up with something like a plastic pad. Just something to give support that won’t cause any issues.

I’d remove the standoff entirely and then not worry about it, as it doesn’t matter if it’s just one.

I would be careful when installing components as the board doesn’t have as much support in that area, but that’s about it.