DS4243/DS4246 PSU Teardown

Hey everyone,
Quick teardown of a power supply for the DS4243/DS4246 disk shelf.


Please be very careful and aware of the capacitors, they are deadly. do your best to discharge them. Even if you are confident that they are discharged, still be very careful.


  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers

Removing the screws from the outer casing is pretty easy.
14 screws on the sides of the casing and then it slides off pretty easily.

There are these long bolts with nuts holding both of the fans in.

You need to hold the nuts while unscrewing these otherwise they just slip.

The fan wires are zip-tied to three anchors on the casing, so those need to be cut.
After this, the heat shrink tubing around the wire bundle can be slid down and the fans can be pulled out.
I did have some difficulty removing the fan closet to the rear because of lip for the casing screws.

These are 80mm * 80mm * 35mm DC12v 3.30A 3-pin fans

They are soldered to to and epoxied(I think that is what the white stuff is?) to a board at the front of the PSU.

So there will defiantely need to be some soldering or crimping to replace these fans

Hopefully this can help some other people looking to replace the fans for some quieter ones!

Edit: added warning

This is great did you replace them?
What with?

thanks :smiley:

Why is your name DS4243

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I have not replaced them yet.
However I was looking at these Arctic Fans

I have 6 of these that I’m doing a long term project with, and it’s probably going to be awhile before I get them up and running.

I Don’t know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you ever replace the fans? I have tried one with Generic 12V quiet fans, but all PSU’s run at full speed when inserted, so the speed pulse is not correct.

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I have not. It’s sitting in my closet where I left it after finishing this teardown