DQ77KB NAS Killer v4.0 Help

My first time building a computer/server. I bought all the parts that are needed for the “6-bay Mini-ITX NAS”. I did the tabletop build nothing happens. Only the lights turn on.

What could be wrong? Bad motherboard? CPU?

I did replace the SSD with “Zheino mSATA SSD 512GB M3 Internal mSATA Drive” and “8GB 2RX8 PC3L-12800S DDR3L-1600MHz SODIMM Laptop Memory RAM 204Pin 1.35V”. that’s the only thing that is different.

Thank you.

How are you turning it on?

I just plugged the power cord into the back

I thought that was turning it on. I put the motherboard in the case for now.

Unless I just have it in standby when I plugged it in. Think I answered my own question.
How would I power it on?

You are supplying power to the board, but that does not turn it on. You need to hook up and press the power button like any other computer or laptop! :slight_smile:

Well I feel silly. Now I understand.

This site helped me

Followed that and it worked, thank you for the quick reply.

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