"Down the Rabbit Hole" Build

Custom NAS/ Docker/ sandbox/ nextcloud/ next-cool-thing, because working with the junk I have now is frustrating, limiting and scary when it decides it just does not want to work.

Specs: (all prices in USD and not including shipping)

$135.00 - Rosewill RSV-L4500 4U case
$42.00 - Noctua NF-P12 Redux static pressure fans in front
$42.00 - Noctua NFS-12B Redux airflow fans mid-case
$14.00 - Arctic 80MM fans (x2) case rear
$165.00 - ASUS P9X79 WS Motherboard / CPU combo - Intel Xeon E5-2620V2 CPU (6/12)
$55.00 - Noctua NH-D9L Dual heatsink 92mm Fan CPU cooler
$160.00 - Team Group TLD34G1600HC9BK 32GB RAM (8 x 4GB) DDR3 PC3-12800, Listed on the QVL for this motherboard
$145.00 - 2 x IBM Serveraid M1015 SAS/SATA Controller 46M0831 (flashed to LSI9211-IT mode)
$47.00 - IBM ServeRAID 16-Port 6Gbps SAS-2 SATA Expansion Adapter 46M0997 Firmware 634A
$85.00 - EVGA Supernova G3 850 Gold PSU
$129.00 - UnRaid Pro OS
$125.00 - CyberPower BRG1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System, 1500VA / 900W (Lightning deal on Amazon prime days)
$100.00 - Various cables needed (drive cables to tear apart and rebuild, SAS to Sata breakouts x 4, 1 to 3x - 4 pin fan splitters, etc.)

Total: $1,244.00

While this is definitely not a budget build, it satisfies my use-case and will hopefully somewhat future-proof the setup for now.

Will eventually have 30 drives, (2nd DAS Box for remainder) but for now I can start with a few 4 TB I have laying around.
Once I can successfully setup a working stable environment to copy approx 26 TB to it from existing shit-ology (i mean, synology) than I can move the 8 x 8 TB synology drives to it and upgrade/add to 30 total.

Sheesh, you got alotta money tied up in cooling and JBOD adapters. You could build another server with that costs. :rofl:

Yep, well aware. And no worries, I understand there are cheaper solutions.