Documenting / charting networks

I have recently started to get more serious about my home network, at various levels (overall architecture, security, IOT isolation, pfsense use, etc). I want to start documenting this effectively and so I am interested in charting/diagramming tools. I’ve just started researching this and don’t feel a particular need to pay anything for this, so curious to know if anyone has any suggestions for free tools that would help with this.

At a high level, my requirements would be pretty simple.

  • Easily add / remove entities (computers, devices, routers, etc)
  • Document services running on some devices
  • “Smart” links i.e. move objects around and have their links remaining.
  • The absolutely essential feature I forgot but someone here is going to point out now :slight_smile:

Any one using something they love?

Kinda basic, but easy to use:

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+1 for, that website got me through college.

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