DIY srv, X570D4I-2T are ssd not detected

After my little issue with my Odroid net card, I have another problem that it can’t seem to figure out.
I have a diy proxmox 6 srv.

I have no probleme with the M2 ssd, but the 2 SATA SSD are not detected.

Yet I connected the motherboard with the OCuLink and the SSDs with the data ports.

(I did not know OCuLink )

Then I connected the ssd with a sata power cable to my power supply.

But when I start the server, even in the bios the two sata ssd, are not recognized.

note: I don’t understand what the motherboard SATA Power Connector (SATAPWR1) port is for

Does somebody have an idea?

According to the manual you linked, the default mode for those ports is PCIE.

Did you ever change that?

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OK, You are right.

I had only looked at the “Storage” part, but the configuration of these ports is done in the “Chipset” part.
I feel a little silly :sweat_smile:

Thank you for your reply.! :slight_smile: