Dell r720XD Boot error with LSI 9201-16e installed

I am having an issue booting my dell r720xd after installing an LSI 9201-16e with 10 SAS drives connected. Before installing the card the machine booted fine. Now after, nothing.

my initial install of the system used the two rear bays with ssd’s installed in a mirror as boot devices booting proxmox.

Both SAS controllers are flashed to IT mode (the lsi only has IT mode). Neither have the bios flashed on them. When booting it now just reads

boot failed: linux boot manager
boot failed: linux boot manager
boot failed: windows boot manager

There is no windows boot manager loaded on the previous drives I was loading.
In the BIOS settings it has about 14 listings of Unavailable: Linux Boot Manager and another Unavailable Windows Boot Manager, then it lists the NICs.

I have tried reinstalling proxmox, when doing so it does list the ssd’s and I am able to reinstall on them, but cannot get the system to boot as hard as I try. It seems the system is trying to boot from the LSI controller, and I cannot seem to figure out how to remedy that.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like it’s trying to boot from the LSI card.

That was my thought too. I ended up swapping the card into another system and got it working. I actually think the problem was the drives, there appears that they weren’t completely zeroed out from the previous owner. I had to wipe some lingering partition tables and now everything seems to be working fine.