Dell r610 build question

Hello sorry of this is a stupid question or wrong section, I have a Dell r610 with 2 Xeon X5650 and 144gb ram. I’ve been using it for some time and it’s makes more heat/noise then I would care for. If I bought. Is picking up a atx dual CPU lga 1366 motherboard and build it in an atx case a good idea? Will it decrease the heat? Or am I better off getting different hardware? Let me know if you need clarification with anything.

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Are you stuck on atx? Look at the nk2.0 build. [LGA1366] NAS Killer 2.0/3.0 - Forums

Mine was pretty much silent, many people here will confirm the same experience on their builds.

Used Server hardware doesn’t have to be hot and noisy if you put a little time and effort into your build.

I am not stuck on ATX would another form factor be better?

better isnt the word id use. but your options increase for dual socket boards with the larger sizes, but also decreases the number of motherboard options. I would review some of the guides particularily the NK2.0 JDM put together. That board from that build you can still find works with 1366 chips and is pretty popular. (i even have one for sale on the forum pawn shop if you are interested)

Alright I’ll definitely look into the NK2.0 build and see what I can put together. Thank you very much.

I built my supermicro X8DTH-6F with dual xeon X5675’s 64gb of ecc & 10gb nic and ssd’s Powered by Evga 850w psu But I Just Used a Fractal Define XL R2 Case with out any trouble i did need to drill 1-2 holes for stand offs but i really didnt really half to have them but what the hek i did any how And this has ben running 24/7 for about 3 years or so now & its still a work horse & Quit as a church Mouse rock solid its still probaly more reliable than my new (to me) dual xeon build with dual E5-2696 v2’s with very close to the same parts !
the Fractal Define XL-R2 was Great case for any pc build with a ton of room and storage i have 8 3.5hd’s in mine plus 3 ssd’s !