Dell PowerEdge R210 PfSense box inbound

First time poster, I’ve spent more time on this site in the last 6 months that I can count, wife does not appreciate my evening browsing of the site.

So I blew up my Dell R610 pfSense build, running under VMware (don’t ask ugh)

Found a little Dell PowerEdge R210 with i3-530, 8GB RAM, 160gb drive (ebay Link here)for $110 Canadian, plus $20 shipping, offered $100 he took it. It’s inbound now, could be a few days, could be a week with the current environment we are dealing with. Ship times are all over the place

Comes with either Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 dual NIC’s or Intel® Gigabit ET, either way great supported NIC’s for pfSense.

No iDRAC which I am a little disappointed about, just hope the fan’s are not loud, that will suck. I’ll either swap the fans and/or pickup cheap iDRAC board, then just spin down the fans via IPMI.

Post some pics when it arrives as I work through the setup.

Again appreciate all the info the site provides, truly an inspirational site.

So much so that I based my new build of the many guides on the site.

Just quickly, parts ordered for the new lab gear, should all be here within a few weeks. I’ll throw up a new post with specs and the issues i’ve had putting this build together.

Anyway, touch base in the coming days I hope.

Thanks all,

Crazy out


Looking forward to seeing this build!

Welcome! It’s been a few days, how did the build turn out?

1st gen i5s aren’t the fastest for the money, but I’m unfamiliar with the Canadian market.

Its been crazy trying to get the gear. With the covid-19 delays, I have yet to receive the parts. Been ordered for over two weeks now. I have tracking details, its moving just slowly between shipment centers.

Looks like it should all arrive this week at some point.

Update once completes build.

Thanks for the interest.


It arrived, PfSense was giving me issues with copying old config. Could not get the locks to clear on the packages, no matter what I did or what google told me to do.

backed up with no packages this time, reinstalled and all seems good.

Weekend to test before I flip the old ISP modem to gateway mode.

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