Dell optiplex 3050 refurb for $146

Dell optiplex 3050 refurb for $146

  • i5-6500, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, wifi, windows 10 pro license

$ 146 after use code SUMMER20SAVE

this seems like a pretty good deal if you use the ebay coupon SUMMER20SAVE

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and this HP comes in at $115 plus tax if you combine SUMMER20SAVE and also REVIVE10.

just a 500GB spinner drive though and less ram.

oh hold up, brickseek is saying walmart has this 10th gen i3 combo on clearance for $139 near me, lol

Good luck to you if you can find one!! Earlier this year, I went on a wild goose chase trying to find a similar HP i3 model at the Walmart stores within a reasonable distance from me. Unfortunately, all I ended up with was an empty gas tank. :frowning:

If you can find one, they are great little boxes. I ended up buying one off eBay for a bit more and have been very happy with it, especially once you replace the HDD with an NVMe drive.

Out of stock. Personally, I’d probably avoid 6th/7th gen at this point.