Dell 5060 Computer With 16GB SSD, 4GB RAM Dual Display Ports Wyse Thin Client With 000PV9 - $20 + $15 shipping (OBO)

Dell 5060 Computer With 16GB SSD, 4GB RAM Dual Display Ports Wyse Thin Client With 000PV9

$20 + $15 shipping (OBO available)

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Link doesn’t seem to work?

Try now!

Yeet, thanky :slight_smile:

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What would be a good use case for this?

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Low power desktops, HTPCs, lab machines, servers, nodes for clustered apps, smart displays. Basically compute

I’ve been thinking of building a kubernetes cluster (just to learn it) with raspberry pi nodes, but this deal is even cheaper and more performant.

I’ve just bought another house but maybe I could take another mortgage to buy a few of these………

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of thin clients in my home since I built my NSFW 1.0 build a couple years back (running unraid). Seems like a good candidate… but I don’t know how this thing would fit in. Would I have a VM running on my unraid server and somehow configure this thing to connect to it? Or would I need to install some new OS on this wyse 5060?

Any decent guides anyone knows about?

FYI for anyone that bought this. Check your bubble wrap for the vertical mount screws. Mine were taped to that.

I received mine last night. BIOS password is - Fireport. I cacked open the case on a 2.5" 120 GB SSD and took out the actual drive. Used that to replace the 16GB that came in the thin client. Tried to install Ubuntu 20.04 server. It seem to install and update fine, but then would not boot. Not sure what was up there. I then installed Debian Bullseye and that works well.

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Those went fast. :frowning:

This is basically the same deal - Link

$33.95 but with free shipping.

I have an HP version (T520, slightly lower passmark, but 4/4 like this). I love running the low-power containers that on it so that I can avoid goofing around with more mission-critical stuff.

Examples include: calibre, calibre-web, node-red, portainer/watchdog, komga. Next up is an MPD server or the mpd db

pfsense if you get a good 1Gb USB 3.0 adapter to add a second or third Ethernet port.

Uses 25W, not great for always on

It uses about 5 watts idle.