Dead Motherboard?

How do you know if you really have DOA motherboard? I got acer motherboard (Q77H2-AM) in the build guid but its not coming on. I turned the power supply on and touched the pins for the power switch. Fans turns on for a second and stop.

that’s usually user error, sims in the wrong slot… cpu not in right or overheated right away cause no cooler or you sat the motherboard on top of something conductive… or or or

Hey got an Intel motherboard and the processor matches and the ram matches but its doing the same thing. All the fans come on and I get a blue light but then Everything turns off

Try different RAM, try RAM individually if you have more than one. Tear down and rebuild everything to make sure its all seated correctly.

Post your build as well so we can see what incompatibilities you may have. For example if you bought ECC ram from the guide, it won’t work with an i-series processor.

Thanks for the advice. I got it working

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