Current Minecraft server info

Un-modded minecraft

Minecraft Vanilla:
Minecraft Hardcore:
Minecraft Creative:


I’d recommend using this texture pack texture for vanilla and hardcore. Just drop the zip into your resources pack folder.


If you want to use shaders, install optifine (you might need to click the “preview versions”.

If you can’t open the optifine JAR, download and install Java here.
This shader looks really good IMO, but you can use whatever you want.


Feed The Beast: Infinity Evolved:

  1. download & install the twitch app
  2. click mods in the twitch app
  3. install minecraft
  4. click browse modpacks
  5. sort by total downloads
  6. install FTB Infinity Evolved
  7. launch Minecraft, sign in
  8. select the modpack
  9. connect to server
  10. map is on
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In addition to the above texture pack, I really like using the Milkyway Galaxy Night Sky. Put the zip in the same resources pack folder, and when selected make sure it’s above any other pack you are currently using. It only affects the night sky, and it looks phenomenal IMO.

As for the shaders JDM mentioned above, it is a game changer. Everything looks so much better, and there are a ton of settings to play around with. Do note it’s going to be a pretty hefty tax on your frame rate, it took some tweaking for me to get a steady 1440p/144hz even with a GTX1080ti & i7-8086K

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