COZisBack's OverRunner Rack [WIP]
I’ll be using this post to update my WIP rack project.

Quick Summary: I bought a used rack from a local auction of what looks to be from a former communications company. It’s missing the hinges and pins for the matching rear door. Once I figure that out, it will be considered enclosed. Also gotta find some good wheels. They don’t seem to be “standard”.

Current Status. I’m currently working in my RSV-L4500 so it’s a mess and I also need to do some cable management.

The side panel will be placed back after the upgrades I’m doing.

Just moved my desk to the basement as well. I’m finally getting around to planning out my “man cave”. Still super early and Spring cleaning is the first priority.



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love that cabinet

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Rack & Servers are pending name changes. I added a HP290 to the mix named Reinhardt, so my NAS and the rack itself need a name change. Also, my pfsense box needs a name from Overwatch as well.

Superb rack setup.