COVID Budget Anniversary 2.0 Build

I want to first say thank you for all the great information provided on the website that guided my component selection for my budget build.

Unfortunately due to the current COVID pandemic, the selection of some components has become few and far between, especially for newer items (case and PSU specifically). The purpose of my build was to create a virtualization server to host either Hyper-V server, or Proxmox, as cheap as possible, and still leave room for future upgrades.

Type Part Cost
CPU 2 x E5-2630 (SR0KV) $16.22
CPU cooler 2 x Supermicro 2U Passive $20.00
Motherboard Supermicro X9DRD-LF $54.06
Case DeepCool MATREXX 55 $49.18
RAM 2 x Samsung PC3L-10600R 16GB $44.13
SSD ADATA 240GB SATA 3 2.5" $35.16
Power Supply Thermaltake 500W $60.53
Fans Arctic F12 PWM PST 5 Pack $36.12
Cable EPS 8-pin splitter $6.69
Total $322.09
  • Prices listed account for tax and shipping charges, if any

Also installed and not included in the cost, as I already had these items:

  • PCIe M.2 Adapter with 500GB Mushkin Helix-L NVMe
  • WD 500GB Blue
  • Arctic Thermal Paste

Some things I still need to take care of include buying an IO shield and provide active cooling for the CPUs. I had thought the listing for the motherboard included the shield, but it did not, easy fix. As for the CPU cooling, the case I selected limits the intake on the 3 front mounted case fans to just the sides of the front. Under a CPU stress test CPU2 overheated after a couple minutes, but if the front panel is removed the CPU temps stay manageable (70 C). I plan on installing 60mm PWM fans in front of the CPU heat sinks as a cheaper alternative.

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Looks like you already have a plan for my (minor) criticisms, so good on you for that!
I’m looking forward to seeing updates for your build in the future.

Oh and, two other things -

  1. I’d personally flip your top fan and use it as an exhaust, you already have 3 intake so 2 exhaust would be ideal.
  2. You should try making a cardboard air duct that reduces the available area and funnels the air over the CPUs and motherboards, you should be able to reduce CPU temperatures significantly without active cooling.

My initial configuration had the top fan setup as exhaust, but since CPU2 (top) is the one expirencing the overheating issue I figured intake would be better for now.
And good suggestion on the cardboard ducting.

This is freakin’ AWESOME!! The prices you got on these parts is really good. Especially ram. If you stick with 16gb sticks and fill this thing out, 128gb is great. The only issue i have with this board, single pcie slot. I do think that i might support bifurcation so maybe could get a riser/extension card and add another nic if you need it at some point.

For a hypervisor, i personally like proxmox. free as in free, zfs support, “fancy” debian base, easy to use(imo). to be fair though, haven’t used hyper v and haven’t used xen/esxi/etc in years.