Corsair 450W Platinum PSU - 104.99 & free shipping

Hey all,

Just trying to give back and hopefully not everyone is aware and I am giving back, but I have been locking in the PSU I want to get. I was looking for a 450-500w seasonic focus for a good price and couldnt do it… then noticed bstock evga supernova 450 gm for 69.99, but read again saying it could be used, so figured the 89.99 new version with 7 year warranty instead of 1 was a better deal… before I bought I took a look around again and came across this:

SF Series™ SF450 — 450 Watt 80 PLUS® Platinum Certified High Performance SFX PSU

104.99 , and free shipping, I have an account, and that may be why I got free shipping ? so make sure you have account if otherwise… anyway I thought it was a decent deal came out to 110ish for a decent capacity platinum SFX power supply with an included ATX adapter thats also very quiet…

hope this helps someone :slight_smile: