Consolidating into one box

I need some help in consolidating a overgrown setup into a single box.

I’m running a 5th Gen Intel NUC with a number of dockers. It spends most of the evening and weekends recording live TV to an external USB HDD and over the network to a PersonalCloud single drive NAS. It also has a USB Gig ethernet (due to reliability problems with onboard network). Basically it has cables coming out everywhere and I want a tidier solution

Looking at the QS guides on here I want to experiment with that so I’m looking for at least a 8th Gen Intel for QS. I’m going to shuck the hard drives from NUC, NAS & external USB case

Given current energy prices one of the priority is low power when idle.

I live in the UK. Can anyone recommend an off the shelf used box on eBay that is 8th Gen, I can add PCie x4 dual network card and host 2 x 3.5 HDD, 1 x 2.5 HDD (would be great if it could hold 2 x 2.5) and M.2 drive?

I don’t mind too much about the size of the box as it will operate in the garage

Don’t really want to spend over £250

For example, this Lenovo V530 box has a bigger case but can’t see if will hold the qty of drives above.