Connecting a SAS card directly to the Supermicro riser slot

As above.

So I found a good deal on a Supermicro 1u/2u board

According to the manual the riser slot is PCIe 16x (+8x slot).

I’ll be using the board in your everyday case that can support EATX boards.

I’m hoping Supermicro didn’t move all the power pins from the PCIe slot to the UIO port.


Is there a question I can answer? That board is proprietary and has little purpose outside of the server chassis it was designed for.

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The riser according to the manual is PCIe 16x. I’m wondering if I can install a card directly.

I can easily remove the card bracket and insert the card.

It looks like to me that pcie x16 slot is set back further than normal. You wouldn’t be able to use it that way in a regular case without some sort of riser/adapter.

Also isn’t a Opteron setup really old and power hungry? Much better platforms to build from.

It is set back from normal boards but I can always remove the card bracket if I needed to…

I already know it’s an old setup. That much is obvious :grinning:

So what’s the problem…just getter done.

Well the question hasn’t been answered yet. I cannot just test it because I don’t have the board yet… (As inferred in the first post)

Feel free to ignore if have no experience on the topic :grinning:

Install the card.