Completely New and need help with a NAS/Plex Server build

I’ve recently started browsing this forum and a bunch of resouces about NAS and servers. I’m brand new to this and wanted to get some people’s thoughts on my build for my first NAS/Plex Server. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I’m looking for the following features:

  • Budget: <$500 (without drives)
  • Low Power Usage
  • 1 4k Direct, 4-6 remote transcoding.
  • Low Noise/Silent
  • Expandable
  • Looking to run Plex Server as well as docker to run Sonar/Radarr
  • OS: Ubuntu/Unraid

Will this be fine for what I need or should I look to upgrade any of the parts? I’m planning to shuck some WD Easystore 8 TB drives for my storage.

The CPU can handle what you’re looking for. I would recommend getting 1x8gb RAM to start. More RAM the better, but you’ll find those 4gb modules “a waste” in the future.