[COMBO] Intel S1200V3RP + E3-1225 v3 + 8GB DDR3 + CPU Cooler + IO Shield - $76.99 OBO + shipping

This is a pretty dang good deal on what I would call a NAS Killer 4.5. Socket 1150 instead of 1155, but you can follow the rest of the NAS Killer 4.0 guide for everything else.

Motherboard is standard Micro-ATX, has dual NIC, 4 PCI-E, 6 SATA3, onboard USB 3.0…


Manual here


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Thanks for the share! How do you think this Mobo / CPU would handle 4-5 VMs?

That would be more of a memory limitation. I would look at getting at least 16GB for that man VMs. You could save some RAM by using docker when able.

Unfortunately this seller doesn’t ship internationally. I’ll have to be patient and wait for something else to pop up.

How would this combo work as a PfSense setup?

It would work great, although it’d be pretty overkill… :slight_smile:

Just got mine in the box today. Really good looking board. I was thinking backup box for work but now it may replace the Ryzen for my first home linux NAS.

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Mind sharing some pictures?

A little too shiny on the spur of a moment but
Edit for a little more detail. I don’t see a spec of dust on it but the stand-off holes were screwed down at some point. Was packaged securely, assembled just as the pic on ebay, heat sealed in the anti static with the shield sealed separately. Wrapped in bubble wrap pretty well.

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Careful, that RAM’s not slotted all the way. Looks really clean though!

Yup, clicked back in. Should be fun testing it out and getting it set in it’s home

i received mine yesterday. thank you for providing the link. The seller accepted $65 for the combo. this is going in my first UNRAID build. Thanks to this site for the assistance! Still have a LOT to learn :slight_smile:

If i upgrade the RAM on this board, (i’d like to max it out to 32G), would I just buy some PC3L-12800? I was never able to find a compatible list of RAM for this board.

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The RAM compatibility is the same as the NAS Killer 4.0. Should be able to do ECC UDIMM, but not RDIMM.