[COMBO] Gigabyte GA-H97N H97 mini-ITX + i5-4570T CPU + 8GB DDR3 RAM - $114 OBO

Gigabyte GA-H97N H97 mini-ITX Motherboard + i5-4570T CPU + 8GB DDR3 RAM + CPU cooler

Would be great for Pfsense (has dual NIC) or a Mini NAS Killer v4.5 in a Node 304 case. (follow the rest of the NK 4.0 guide mini-build)

$114 OBO + shipping


Damn, this is amazing. I’ve already got all the parts on the way for the DQ77KB or this would’ve been perfect, for about the same price too.

Both! :slight_smile:

Use one for pfSense!

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Haha, I would love to, but I’m on a pretty tight budget and one or the other fits that budget perfectly. Good lookin’ out though!

I haven’t been here long but it looks like the buy\sell area is pretty active. What are the odds I could sell the DQ77KB setup (with 1260L, 120W power supply, SATA power, 2x8GB RAM) and pick up this combo instead?

Odds are good. Even if goods are odd.

I’d recommend creating a new topic with what you’re selling for maximum visibility. Including pictures preferably

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Hmm… I’ve been pricing out an ITX build for use as a simple Usenet/download/sonarr/radarr/SABnzbd server. Thoughts on if this mobo/cpu combo would do the trick?

I am pretty sure you can get $100 deal.