Cloud Storage Options

I am interested in your opinions about cloud storage options as I have a FLAC music collection that would be virtually impossible to replace. I am seeking:

  • max 2TB
  • sync ability with local drive
  • I don’t need to be able to stream from it or share from it in any way
  • cheaper the better, obviously, but not unreliable or a company that may disappear

That’s it. All the best to you and yours…Seamus

Have you considered just running NextCloud in a docker container? It’s going to be cheaper than paying for online cloud storage. You can use the money you’re saving to have another HDD in waiting in it’s retail box to slap in your server if one of your array drives fail.

Have you considered a backup software like Duplicati? The software is free, and paired with a storage solution like Backblaze B2 you’ll end up with a very affordable option. There’s a cost calculator on this page: Cloud Storage Pricing Comparison: Amazon S3 vs Azure vs B2

Become the cloud!

oh, i’m working on it. waiting for the anniv v2 :wink:

I’m not there yet as i’m slowly working on my build. i’m very new to pretty much all of this, so i’m spending my time learning from y’all.

didn’t know about backblaze, thanks for the option. same for duplicati.

A friend’s house with a rpi and external drive.