[CLOSED] WTB spare Rosewill L4500 drive rails (the purple ones)

I can’t seem to find my drive rails! Happy to pay for them if you have any spares laying around. I need both the left and right, I don’t need screws.

Shouldn’t be hard to model these up and print a few.

I have some. How many do you need?

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I will take as many as you’re willing to part with.

Get them 3d printed 4-head

Just playing around in Fusion360

@manbearpig2012 @JDM_WAAAT I did a thing


Wow I need to get on your level with modeling… good job.

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If you PM me an address I will send you whatever I have left over as a token for everything you do for us.

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Late reply, but I have a bunch of drive rails I can send as well. Feel free to shoot me a message or ping me on discord.

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