[CLOSED] Array Starter Kit - 6TB SAS


Since this is a pre-order, orders will not start to ship until the end-date. Orders will ship in the order in which they are received.

This combo may run again once all orders are shipped out, but the prices and other details may be different!

This combo will include:

  • 2-8 x 3.5" HDDs
    • Ideally 1 parity drive, rest for data
  • 1 x 2.5" 10K SAS HDD
    • Great for write cache, unpack/landing drive
      It can easily saturate a gigabit up-link, and it doesn’t have a finite lifespan like a SSD.


Included (free!) with every order is the following:

  • 300GB 10K RPM SAS 2.5" HDD

Additional options to chose from:

  • 2, 4, 6, 8, or more - 6TB SAS3 HDDs (SAS2 compatible)
    • Save more as you buy more!
  • Additional 3TB SAS2 HDD

[Other Info]


You’ll need some SFF-8087 to SFF-8482 cables to connect your SAS drives, the 2.5" HDD and 2.5" SSD. You need 1 cable for every 4 drives of this type.
For the SATA HDD, you can use cheaper SFF-8087 breakout cables. Again, you need 1 cable for every 4 SATA HDD.

LSI Firmware

Flashing the LSI 9211 to IT mode is super easy. You can follow this guide to do so.

Hard Drive Specs

Option 1

6TB Seagate Enterprise Capacity ST6000NM0014

  • 3.5-inch, Form Factor
  • 7200 RPM
  • SAS3 12Gbps
  • Enterprise Grade (Heavy Duty)
  • 4Kn format (requires LSI 9207-8i or similar 4Kn compatible HBA)
  • More info here.

Option 2

6TB HGST 7K6000 HUS726060AL5210

  • 3.5-inch, Form Factor
  • 7200 RPM
  • SAS3 12Gbps
  • Enterprise Grade (Heavy Duty)
  • Advanced Format (AF) 512e format (no special HBA needed)
  • More info here.


  1. Take note of which drive you are choosing. 4Kn drives require specific LSI HBA support. It’s not a big deal, just something to be aware of.
  2. If you’re using Unraid, consider that you will be using at least 1 HDD for parity. So your usable storage will be (N-1) HDDs worth of space.


  1. [6TB Seagate ST6000NM0014 - 4Kn] - LINK
    • 2 - $150.00 ($75.00 each)
    • 4 - $290.00 ($72.50 each)
    • 6 - $420.00 ($70.00 each)
    • 8 (or more) - $536.00 ($67.00 each)
  2. [6TB HGST HUS726060AL5210 - 512e] - LINK
    • 2 - $170.00 ($85.00 each)
    • 4 - $330.00 ($82.50 each)
    • 6 - $480.00 ($80.00 each)
    • 8 (or more) - $616.00 ($77.00 each)
  3. [Included 2.5" SAS HDD]
    Note: Make/model numbers of 2.5" SAS HDDs are not specified due to vast inventory variability.
    You are guaranteed the capacity and RPM you select.
    • 300GB 10K SAS2 HDD - $0.00 - INCLUDED ($8.00 value)
  4. [Optional - 3TB SAS2 HDD]
    Note: Make/model numbers of 3TB HDDs are not specified due to vast inventory variability.
    You are guaranteed the capacity and RPM you select.
    • Add 3x3TB SAS2 HDD - $42.00 - ($14.00 each)
    • Add 6x3TB SAS2 HDD - $80.00 - ($13.33 each)

Pre-orders close September 6, 2020 at Midnight PST.

Countdown timer here.


Sorry, fairly new to the Group Buy’s How do I get in on this?

Click the link(s) in the pricing category and complete your purchase as normal.

Dumb question: is it possible to add a three drive option or additional 2.5" SAS drive like 4TB group buy? I mean with added free 2.5 SAS, that option won’t waste any port from an SFF-8087 to SFF-8482 cable, right?

Thanks for setting this up ! I wasn’t able to make the 9/6 deadline. If it is still available the end of the month I will do 6 - 8 drives.

Has anyone received their order? I got tracking number on 9/11 and they have not dropped the shipment to UPS yet.

I got mine yesterday.

I took me several weeks to get my last order of 3TB HGSTs. They said they lost the order. Delays are frustrating but so far all the drives have been good. I am about to go for the 6TBs.

Yeah, my order was shipped out yesterday. I talked to them and keep in mind with their two week order process time.

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I ordered 8 of the HGST 6TBs Friday, 9/18. I will post when they arrive.

Thanks for arranging this deal !

So my order date is 9/4 and package was delivered on 9/19. Roughly two weeks as they promised.

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Really sad I missed out on this because of my move… waiting for the next group buy lol

Received an email today about an inventory mixup. Some of the drives that were included in the 512 total were actually 4K drives. The email mentioned a refund or switching to seagate sas GB instead. So heads up to anyone that joined close to the close day.

Just want to note that these drives are amazing. Just got mine installed and it’s been powered on a total of 80 days!

Sorry to everyone that missed out, but thanks @JDM_WAAAT for finding these deals!


hey, I know this has closed now, but why are the 3TB SAS2 drives so much cheaper than the 6tb drives? Obviously, there’s a footprint & energy component involved. but just curious.

I ordered 6 of the HGST variants however I cant seem to get my server to recognize any of them. Im running unraid on the supermicro x8dt6-f from the unraid build guide. Does anyone have any ideas as to why they wouldn’t be recognized? I currently have 6 2tb. seagate sas drives installed and they have worked flawlessly for a couple years now. I have been Using the onboard sas controller flashed to IT mode.

Have you removed the 3.3v line from your power cables?

No I was unaware I needed to. Whitch one is 3.3v line?