Cinema HD on firetv

I’m brand new to PFsense, just set it up yesterday, got everything setup and running pretty normally thanks to the power of Google. The main issue I’m running into (right now) is figuring out how to allow streams through
the cinema HD app on my fire TV, do I just set up a DMZ for it like I had to do for my Xbox? The fire TV also looses all connectivity whenever I turn on my paid VPN (purevpn). Any help would be GREATLY appreciated because I’m really pulling my hair out right now lol.

Quick and dirty but look into enabling UPnP and see if that works. The proper way is probably to port forward whatever ports FireTV wants.

Services>>UPnP & NAT-PMP>enable UPnP> scroll down a bit hold down control key and select your LAN and any other LAN (Opt1) ports you want in on that to highlight then save.

On the VPN thing…I’m not sure about that one

I already have upnp enabled, I enabled it for my Xbox DMZ to fix my strict NAT type. Hmm, I know it has to be something fairly simple, other things aren’t working, like my best buy app on my phone. I must of set something up wrong, could geoip on pfblocker be the issue? And do I need to configure geoip if I’m not forwarding any ports but set up a DMZ for my Xbox? And dumb question, but is it safe to setup a DMZ on my fire TV?

pfblocker could be the issue. Go to firewall>pfblockerng>reports

There you can basically just look for anything on that ip address that looks like it’s being blocked and try to whitelist the correct thing.