Cherry MX Brown - Official Owner's Thread

Post specs and pictures of your Cherry MX Brown based keyboards here!

Cherry: CHERRY MX BROWN - Ideal Keyswitches for precise typing.
Deskthority: Cherry MX Brown - Deskthority wiki

Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L RGB
Cherry MX Brown
HyperX PBT Doubleshot Pudding (black)

Vortex Pok3r
Cherry MX Brown
Vortex PBT Doubleshot Creamsicle Caps

Magicforce 68 w/ tai-hao Miami caps, cherry brown of course

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I’m really ready for another MF68 deal.

There’s an 82 up right now

Yeah, I was literally just looking at that. What was the normal price on the 68 again?

68 wireless was $80-$100 I think, 68 wired was anywhere from $50-$80.

I want a similar wired key count around either of the two for that $50ish price.

Closest you can get right now is Gateron Brown. They’re good switches and equivalent to MX Brown.

How bout a “everyone else” category. I have no place to post pics of my Romer-G keyboard :slight_smile: Could dust off the ol cherry red keyboard but that seems like cheating.

Feel free to make your own thread! I just wanted to make some threads to get this category started. :slight_smile: