Chenbro RM41416 4U JBOD 16 bay 3.5" SAS2/SATA DAS (convertible to E-ATX case) - $224.99 OBO + shipping

Chenbro RM41416 4U JBOD 16 bay 3.5" SAS2/SATA DAS (convertible to E-ATX case)
Data Sheet

  • 16 x 3.5" drive bays w/ caddies
  • Built in DAS expander
    • SAS/SATA2, so 2TB limit
    • Easily replaced for SAS2/SATA3 support
    • SAS2/SATA3 backplane available here
  • Can be converted into server chassis (E-ATX 12"x13")
  • 5 x 80mm fan wall, 2 x 80mm rear fan
  • Listing says 3U, but is actually 4U

$224.99 OBO + shipping

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Also available:

Same server with

  • Intel S5520HC motherboard (dual LGA1366)
  • 2 CPU coolers
  • 3 Emacs 420W PSUs

Could someone verify that the link for the SAS2/SATA3 backplane is correct? Unless, I missed (or mis-read) something, it appears to point to a SAS/SATA2 backplane and not a SAS2/SATA3 backplane. Thank you for your time, effort, and assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

It is in fact the 6Gbps model backplane as listed here from Chenbro’s official specs.

Ok, Thank you for verifying.

Shipping kills it.

Ah, I didn’t see the shipping costs until after I voted… It looks like a decent chassis, however compared to a Rosewill L4500 on sale (I got mine for around $150 shipped), it’s definitely not great…

Its definitely an interesting case.

Yeah, with a little work it can be worth it considering the current state (very poor) of rackmountable chassis. The rosewill pricing is unfortunately no longer relevant.

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I made a bid for $149. Told him shipping is very high for this. I doubt he will accept it but maybe he will adjust the shipping.

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I found a supermicro case for a similar price and better shipping. But it uses the 836TQ backplane.

I offered $250 total (shipped) and he accepted. Will adjust shipping cost before checkout.


That Supermicro chassis doesn’t come with drive caddies. You can get that for much better deal if you are more patient.