CHEAP Aaeon Industrial Motherboards with dual Intel GbE

$49.95 + shipping

AAEON Motherboard IMBM-Q170A REV 1.02 No CPU
For Intel 6th/7th gen
$20.00 free shipping

Snagged both the Q170 boards! Thx boss!

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Yeah I got a q170 and ordered a 6100T for a pfSense build. These boards look like they could work really well for a NAS machine too but I already have two other projects going. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a pfSense project as I’m running on pretty old hardware right now…AMD athlon x2.

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Looks like one more Q170 available here (no I/O plate): Don’t forgot to get 10% eBay bucks if you’re targeted.

I had no clue that AAEON was affiliated with ASUS.


That’s pretty cool.

Looking at the boards, the yellow and light brown ports, I was like “man these look a lot like Asus boards”. Looked up specs and whaddya know…

got my board today and everything worked fine. Robbed some ram out of my office computer to test it with. Still waiting on some other parts to arrive before final assembly. Paired it with a i3-6100T (35 watt tdp) for pfSense.

In case anyone is curious…to get into the BIOS. Hit F2. Mine didn’t say what to push and I guessed delete first and that was a no go so F2 was the next logical choice and it worked. It was set up to look for network boot and some kind of raid setup.

The board appears very well made, though I was surprised to find it did not have a vga port. I had to scramble to find a hdmi monitor to hook up to test with but it was handy so no big deal.

Edit: Doing some testing: It’s coming in at 32 watts with pfSense running (no work load though) I’m not sure what it was doing with the Athlon x2 245 I had in there before but I’m betting I’ve cut my power consumption in half and picked up a whole lot more better board in the process.

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This seller is selling these boards one at a time it seems. They are a bit long in the tooth though. I gather they have i7 first gen processors in them…the last one went for $58.

These look interesting for a low tdp server build

The motherboard really doesn’t matter for low power usage.

Those combos are decent deals however, I’ll have to post them in tech deals!