Cell phone insurance plans

I have had asurion insurance on all our Verizon phones for years and years. Do any of you have any suggestions for a better plan?

I have had many phones replaced by asurion and have been totally disappointed by what I received. They are almost always crappier refurbished phones that have a much worse battery life than what I sent in. We are paying about $13/mo per phone (4 phones on a family plan).

My parents were suggested https://techcoachhome.asurion.com/ which appears to be a bundled plan for all home electronics and phones for around $25/mo.

I have read up on squaretrade, and seemed like the best alternative option, but wasn’t too pleased about the fact that they would not cover lost or stolen phones. We have never had to do a total replacement, as in we have been lucky enough to not have a phone lost or stolen, but it would be nice to have just in case.

What do you peeps think?