Celeron Combo Mobo Advice

Hoping to get some input on a core component of a pfsense build I am doing. Opting to go for some new hardware since there doesn’t seem to be a huge difference in price between new and used market (ebay.ca). Plus I’d like to bundle a low power consumption build in a 1U Chassis for my network rack.

I’m looking at a mini-itx combo board ASRock J400B-ITX. My plan is to use pfsense as an edge FW as well as QoS to combat buffer-bloat on my 500D/30U connection. I currently have an ER4 and with QoS enabled I loose a tonne of download bandwidth, I end up with about 320mbps. Ideally I’d like to be as close as possible to the full 500down with QoS + FW and some traffic filtering. In the future I’d run VPN for literally 1 user so can’t imagine too much overhead for that. If it’s not possible with this CPU I’ll probably go on a hunt for and toss together some old hardware.

Any feedback/advice is appreciated!

I like the idea, I want something similar. I’d like to bump this thread and maybe some of the builders here will notice it.