Can't get a SuperMicro X11SCA-F to boot? Anyone know how to fix?


I just got a user X11SCA-F. Got it set-up on the bench, with an i5-9500T and 32GB RAM, NVME drive. Intend to run Unraid (per the NAS killer 6.0 guide.

When I first turned on screen turns on, SuperMicro logo, bottom left runs though lots of initialisation tests, beeps a few times, then turns off.

I then can’t turn on again for a while. Finally, I get to turn it on again. I pressed F11 and got to a boot menu, selected the USB Unraid boot and it turned off again.

Any tips / ideas how to troubleshoot this? I dont seem to get any useful info to check whats going on.

What heatsink and fan is on the cpu.
Also how did you select that board…

Assassin X 120 R SE.

The board got recommendations earlier in the NAS Killer 6.0 guide.

Did you buy an X11SCA-F or an X11SCE-F

Sorry, X11SCA-F

It looks like a fan / power / cpu issue. There is an amber LED under the cooler that comes on. The cooler seems ok, fan is running. I removed the cooler cleaned the surface replaced the thermal paste and reinstalled the fan. Still the same.

When booting the fans spin up, the orange LED under the CPU comes on and all LEDs (incl BMC and PWR blink off. The fan slows, orange LED turns off, then cycles again…

I’m wondering if it could be the system is expecting more fans? Or, not seeing the fans running fast enough? I’ve just got the one CPU cooler on at the moment as the mobo is on my desk.

As this is used, is it wise to reset the BMC settings? And/or update the BIOS / BMC? I don’t seem to be able to get into BIOS to do anything with fan settings.

After 2 days of effort I purchased a new Power Supply. There was no sign the old supply was not working, the system booted to BIOS, fans started (after changing the min speeds), mentest86 returned all ok. But, just would not boot. So, as a last resort I removed the only unchanged part of the set-up - and its booting. The old power supply worked great on the desktop it was removed from. But, something didn’t work with the SuperMicro.

Thank you for your comments and help.