[CAN-NB] EKWB Fluid Gaming Kit

I have a full kit of EKWB Fluid gaming here with both 240 and 360 rads, fans, connectors, pump and accessories. No issues, no leaks. Paid more than $700 in canadian loonies for this, and most of it is less than a year old.

I have both a 1080ti and a vega64 block available, choose which one you need, i’ll sell the other separately.

The only thing missing would be the original EKWB cooling pads, but you can just reuse the factory pads from your GPU if you want. One bottle of concentrated clear coolant included.

Selling because I changed my computer back to an air setup for office use.

$350 USD / $470 CAD plus shipping

*if you are in the US and have a little patience I can ship this from Maine using USPS.

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