Can I build a Server for Home for under £500 or less

HI looking to finally put money on a server but I need some advise… it will be used for photo and Video storage (family), blue ray and DVD back up to storage to be played via plex to google chromecast TV - 3x bedrooms, living room, kitcher, and games room, music stream to same rooms…and home file storage… thought about game serving but think that might be more costly, maybe a minecraft for my daughter to use with a few friends and family (5-6 users). will also look with storage capacity (as many drives, and SSD drive as possible) to store my program learning… I have looked at LGA2011, thinking as many cores as possible, all for under £500 less the better; and I can give up gameing server for now if needed

Have you looked at NAS Killer 4? Built mine a year ago as a Media and Document Server.

The Ultra Quiet Plus Build cost me $420 a year ago…