Can anyone tell me how to fill this enormous case?

10 years ago I had some money so I bought a loaded gaming PC built inside a Cooler Master HAF 912 case. I’d never seen a bigger machine at the time.

It has been one of my plex servers for quite some time now, but every single component is ancient.

I’d like some thoughts on what exactly I could put inside this thing for DAS. There is just so much room it seems like I could make something pretty cool and useful.

Guys on datahoarders were turning old ATX into DAS with 3d printed HDD brackets.

I’d love to have that many 5.25 spots for an 8x2.5 hot swap Intel chassis that I bought…

Am I seeing 6 useable 3…5 bays as is. I’d look at the SNAFU or NAS Killer 4 or 5 setups and use that sort of ATX board (super micro) and that type of processor with an HBA of some flavor (like the adaptec ones) or the LSI modded ones - and then roll some whatever drives and OS you wanted.

are the 3 5.25 bays just fully open. if so pull the useless optical disk thing and get one of those 4,5.25 bay to 3.5 bay converters. I think there is one out there that lets you run another 5.

Then with the right HBA - and splitter cables - and with enough powersuppy (which I think you have covered) you could run all the space you should need. I’d even do 2 arrays just to do so. Personally I’d run TrueNAS or Ubuntu server and the ZFS filesystem but I’m a fan of it. let one array be movies, media , and then split the other array to be personal files - laptop and tablet backups and whatever.

I currently run 4-6tb Hitachi enterprise drives and I have more space than I can use at the moment - but I figure that will end in about a year.