C drive for my Plex server died, best tips to reinstall on new pc?

So the c drive for my Plex server died, good chance it won’t be recoverable. I have thousands of movies and hundreds of TV shows. My media is on external drives and luckily I’ve been backing up my Plex database to an external drive.xender omegle

So with these saved DB files from the Plex server what is the best method to install and restore my Plex server on a new PC and keep my server settings and all the edits I’ve done to my media on the Plex server?

I think it’s time to get a NAS, where you are at least somewhat protected by parity. While none of your data drives died, you did just experience a drive failure. It’s just a taste of what could happen to your media.

Have you taken a look at the NAS Killer line of guides?

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