Building server motherboards for cpu crypto mining

well if you can’t beat 'em, join 'em. I can’t afford a graphics card for my gaming rig, but i can afford old lga 2011 server parts off of ebay. i’m familiar with building gaming pcs, i watch linus tech tips and have learned a little about servers but not much. im looking at building a Dell Precision T7810 Dual Socket LGA2011 DDR4 Workstation Motherboard 0GWHMW
this board looks like it has a 24pin power, so will a standard consumer pc power supply work? do you think the board could have integrated graphics, it has a vga connector, maybe i’ll need an old tiny graphics card, i dunno. on a dual socket mobo do the two cpus have to be identical or can you mismatch within reasonable limit, i have a spare 1620v3 sitting here. will a cpu cooler for lga 2011 socket bolt on?

there’s another motherboard that’s cheap
Quanta X898568
which category would be good for me to make a post in about learning how to build this board out? sorry if i’m needy, i’m trying to google for information on how to build a server but i’m coming up short.