Building Plex QSV and separate NAS Killer

Hello all,

I’m new here but have been scouring the guides and I have a question or two I’m hoping you can answer. First, I have decided to build a Plex QSV and a NAS Killer machine. The Plex QSV will be in an HP Pavilion 590. This came with i3-8100 and I’m adding a Sabrent Q 1TB NVMe and 32GB RAM. This should hopefully handle HW Transcoding to RAM and have enough room for metadata on the 1TB drive. OS will be Ubuntu.

The NAS Killer will be an Unraid server built in a Silverstone CS380 a friend of mine had and I just picked up an i5-9400 from him as well. I already have five 4TB NAS SATA drives from an old Drobo that I will be migrating and I will be purchasing a large parity drive as well.


  1. I’m looking for motherboard suggestions for the NAS Killer build. They need to have socket LGA1151 and can be ATX, micro-ATX, or mini-ITX.
  2. With the separate machines listed above which one should I run Sonarr, Radarr, nzbget, etc on?
  3. Or will I be better served adding a third box as a dedicated NZB unpack box and run those applications there?


Looking good so far.

  1. Check out the OTiS guide for affordable motherboard suggestions.
  2. File operations should take place on the NAS, on Unraid with docker.
  3. A third box is totally superfluous, save your money for some storage!

Thanks for the quick reply.

In the past I have always had separate boxes for storage and plex (most recently a mac mini and drobo nas). Am I better off sticking with the two separate boxes or should I combine into one?

Even though the hardware you have listed is capable of an all in one, I still prefer to separate QS. It’s much more performant and reliable.

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