Building NAS based on NAS Killer 5.0 - Lenovo ThinkStation E32 any good?

Hi all!

Recently been beefing up my home network and have decided that I want to add a NAS which can hopefully run Unraid/Plex/VMs

I read NAS Killer 4.0 and 5.0 fairly thoroughly but prices and parts in Australia are a bit all over the place and availability of similar hardware varies along with the price

I’ve been offered a Lenovo ThinkStation E32 with the following specs in a tower case
*Xeon E3-1280 V3 3.6GHz
*32GB ram
*240GB SSD

this comes to a total of $600 AUD which is roughly $430 USD

I will be adding sata drives for NAS purposes and believe I can run Unraid Cache, VM’s and Plex Meta Data off SSD? Happy to add larger SSD if need be

Ideally would like not too much of a power draw

I guess I just want confirmation or any suggestions whether this is a good deal and that I’m on the right path?

I’m completely new at this so any recommendations are appreciated!

You absolutely can run cache, VM and Plex Meta Data off SSDs. Personally, I would like an i5 but that’ll do what you want I expect, as long as you don’t have a ton of VMs/dockers.

You’re constantly going to be fighting for space with that small of an SSD. I would recommend at least 5 00 if not a 1 TB if you can afford it