Building a Server for Circuit Simulation

I would like to build a server to run a circuit simulator. I currently use one that was bought from a vendor. The specifications are as attached in the image. I wanted to find out how much would it cost, if such a server is built from parts.

Could one of the experts here point me to a guide, that is server building 101?

Many thanks

To me, it sounds like you need a workstation, not a server. Can you provide details of the application that you will be running, and its requirements?

Thanks a lot for the reply JDM_WAAAT. I run circuit simulation tools (Cadence Virtuoso) used for chip design. The simulator can rely on multi-threading to reduce simulation time substantially. I also wish to share the server with multiple users through a LAN or through the internet. I also wish to encrypt data transfers over the internet.

I am sorry, I thought that a server is a PC that has much higher processing power, ability to cater multiple users at the same time, has a lot of fail-safe storage and high-speed networking capabilities.